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Our Adult Services are designed and resourced to the same exacting standards as our Children’s Homes and School setting. Emphasis is placed upon balancing nurture with choice to ensure that adults are safe, empowered and life skills equipped.

Living environments, direct staffing support and resources are tailored to meet individual needs and can be stepped up or down to reflect the changing nature of their ability and autonomy.

A network of Health Professionals, Therapists and Community Inclusion Workers ensures that each adult is equipped to stay safe, be healthy and socially thrive.

Whether our adults are engaged in education, work or volunteering they have structured opportunities throughout each day to both contribute and benefit from community and peer interaction.

Living and learning environments are again tailored to meet individual need and offer additional personal living space alongside shared communal space.

What really makes our adults great is that they contribute positively to society and deliver much kindness and happiness to others.