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  • An allotment in a beautiful canal-side location,
  • ...but in need of some attention.
  • But with a bit of hard work…
  • ...
  • ...it’s all starting to come together.
  • ...
  • Ready for planting…
  • ...
  • ...and enjoyment by Bright Futures and the local community

It has always been incredibly important to everybody connected with Bright Futures that we collectively contribute to our local and wider community. As much as it is important that we benefit from the kindness and protection of others, we also look to contribute as good citizens to help others also in need.

The Bright Futures Students have been embraced by the Lymm community and continue to benefit and contribute to local life and the local economy. During 2016, we redeveloped an allotment on the banks of the Bridgewater canal, kindly offered by the Lymm Parish Council and we continue to support those in need in the community including people who may be lonely, in difficulties or in need of practical assistance. In return our students continue to gain valuable life skills, a feeling of achievement and significantly enhance their community network.

We actively help to fund a local charity supporting vulnerable children from across the region through The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust (CAFT). Young people referred to CAFT may have learning, health, emotional or social needs and all benefit from this amazing location and its inspirational staff. Our Lymm offices also house the Cheshire Scouts Administration Centre, which again supports an Organisation trying to make a difference to the lives of young people in our area.

Our students are active in their local communities when accessing leisure facilities, social events and learning forums. They have regular opportunities to attend for personal worship and celebration and to learn about the faiths, beliefs and lifestyles of others including their peers.

Although our students may have to overcome many personal challenges this does not detract from them being valued and celebrated members of our community and wider society.