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Overview of Role

A Registered Manager (RM) employed by Bright Futures will be expected to complete all duties set out within the “Children’s Homes Regulations, including
Quality Standards (2015)” to a ‘Good’ Standard with aspirations to achieve ‘Outstanding’ wherever practicable. The RM will have access to site copies of all company Policy and Guidance documents and an individual copy of the Children’s Homes Regulations, including Quality Standards (2015). The RM will be required assume all duties of all subordinate workers (DM, SRCW’s & RCW’s) when required to do so, to the standards set out within Organisational guidelines.

The RM will report to their identified Line Manager, and all other senior managers within Bright Futures Organisation. The RM will be expected to support the standards of service set out in Policy & Procedure documentation across all sites regardless of their designated workplace.

The RM will be expected to be role models for all colleagues and children/young people, ensuring that they are punctual, non-confrontational, reliable, honest, diligent and adherent to all company standards for dress, personal presentation, conduct and attitude.

The RM will be required to work across all sites within the Organisation when required, as designated by senior managers.

Duties and Responsibilities

A Registered Manager employed by Bright Futures will;

  • Assist Senior Managers in the planning and implementation of all services
    within their designated workplace.
  • Assume sole responsibility for the delivery and monitoring of all service
    provision within their designated workplace.
  • Contribute to the ongoing development of the Organisations services,
    standards and policy guidance, mindful of ongoing legislative and good
    policy requirements.
  • Meet, in full the Children’s Homes Regulations, including Quality Standards (2015) for their setting including;


  • The quality and purpose of care standard (refer to regulation 6)
  • The children’s views, wishes and feelings standard (refer to regulation 7)
  • The education standard (refer to regulation 8)
  • The enjoyment and achievement standard (refer to regulation 9)
  • The health and well-being standard (refer to regulation 10)
  • The positive relationships standard (refer to regulation 11)
  • The protection of children standard (refer to regulation 12)
  • The leadership and management standard (refer to regulation 13)
  • The care planning standard (refer to regulation 14)


  • Highlight service shortfalls to Senior Managers, in respect of the
    resources, personnel and support systems required to maintain the
    Organisation’s standards of service within their designated setting.
  • Respond to the formal recommendations and enforcement requirements of Inspectorates including OFSTED and The Health & Safety Executive.
  • Operate within defined budget headings for the setting and Organisation.
  • Ensure that all DM’s, SRCW’s & RCW’s operate within the guidance and to the standards of Company Policy & Procedures including;


  • Children’s homes regulations, including quality standards (2015) Statements of Purpose
  • Statements of Purpose
  • Risk Assessments
  • Health & Safety Guidance
  • Individual Management Plans for Young People
  • Individual Care Plans for Young People
  • Employee Terms of Employment
  • All other Workplace Guidance set out by the Bright Futures Organisation
  • Work with the HR Manager to support employee relations and identify /
    support DM’s, SRCW’s & RCW’s whose performance fails to meet the
    required workplace standards for their individual roles.
  • Take a pro-active role in the development of their designated site.
  • Take an active role, when required to do so, the recruitment of staff.


Download our Person Specification Registered Manager Document here

Download our Registered Manager Job description here