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Residential Area Manager (RAM)

Bright Futures Care Limited are a private sector provider of specialist residential and educational services. The Organisation supports vulnerable children and adults presenting with complex healthcare, social care and educational needs. The children and adults require high levels of support and supervision delivered within structured environments. Bright Futures Care Limited aim to achieve the highest standards of care for people that it cares for as set out within the Organisation’s Policy Framework including;

  • Statements of Purpose
  • Risk Assessments
  • Health & Safety Guidance
  • Individual Management Plans for adults using the service
  • Individual Care Plans for adults using the service
  • Employee Terms of Employment
  • All other Workplace Guidance set out by the Bright Futures Organisation

The Bright Futures Organisation will set out a service structure within the residential homes, ensuring appropriate resources, personnel and support systems are in place to deliver the required standards of care.

Overview of Role

A Residential Area Manager (RAM) employed by Bright Futures will have a responsibility to ensure that all Adult Services Registered Managers are completing all duties set out within the ‘Fundamental Standards of Care’ and ‘NICE’ guidelines to a ‘Good’ Standard with aspirations to achieve ‘Outstanding’ wherever practicable. The RAM will report to the Adult Services Manager.

The RAM will…

  • Monitor and supervise RM’s, being pro-active to ensure all development needs are addressed and met.
  • Have an excellent understanding and access to copies of all company Policy and Guidance documents and an individual copy of the ‘Fundamental Standards of Care’ and ‘NICE’ guidelines.
  • Have an overview, ensuring that the Registered Managers and subordinates are carrying out all duties they are required to do so, to the standards set out within Organisational guidelines.
  • Have an overview of the functioning of all Adults’ settings, ensuring support and guidance is given, taking into account the well-being of each setting.
  • Be expected to support the standards of service set out in Policy & Procedure documentation across all sites.
  • Be expected to be role models for all colleagues and adults, ensuring that they are punctual, non-confrontational, reliable, honest, diligent and adherent to all company standards for dress, personal presentation, conduct and attitude.
  • Be expected to be able to lead and drive the vision, values, culture and ethos of the organisation as detailed in the “value proposition” in all registered locations.
  • Be required to work across all sites within the Organisation when required as designated by the Adult Services Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

A RAM employed by Bright Futures will;

  • Work alongside the Adult Services Manager in the monitoring, planning and implementation of all services within their designated workplace.
  • Work closely with the Adult Services Manager with regards to managing referrals to adults’ services ensuring there is a thorough matching criteria, offer of placement, and transition plan for all new placements.
  • Monitor and support RM’s, looking at their performance and meeting their development needs.
  • Monitor and support each registered location, looking at performance and service development needs including but not limited to feedback from Young Adults, their families, other key stakeholders etc.
  • Contribute to the ongoing development and monitoring of the Organisation’s services, standards, visions & values, and policy guidance. Knowledgeable of the latest legislative and good policy requirements.
  • Assist the the Adult Services Manager in ensuring a visible, regular, supportive presence is maintained across all adult residential settings. This includes developing and maintaining strong professional relationships with all Registered Managers and ensuring high quality standards and positive outcomes are consistently being delivered.
  • Promptly raise any incidents, concerns and issues with the Adult Services Manager agreeing an effective and responsive plan. This may include but is not limited to resources, personnel and the quality of service required to maintain the Organisation’s standards of service.
  • Work closely with the Quality Assurance Manager to identify areas of good practice as well as areas that require attention. Reporting these to the Adult Services Manager including timescales and plans for action to resolve where necessary.
  • Produce a monthly report for the Adult Services Manager covering qualitative and quantitative data across all sites.
  • Ensure all RM’s meets in full the ‘Fundamental Standards of Care’ for the setting including;
    • Person Centred Care
    • Dignity and Respect
    • Consent
    • Safety
    • Safeguarding from abuse
    • Food and drink
    • Premises and equipment
    • Complaints
    • Good governance
    • Staffing inclusive of fit and proper staff
    • Duty of Candour
      • and meets in full ‘The Essential Standards of Quality and Safety’ from the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (regulated activities) and Care Quality Commission (registration) Regulations 2009 including:
    • Care and Welfare of people who use the service
    • Assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision
    • Safeguarding people who use the service from abuse
    • Cleanliness and infection control
    • Management of Medicines
    • Meeting Nutritional needs
    • Safety and Suitability of premises
    • Respecting and involving people who use the service
    • Consent to care and treatment
    • Staffing
    • Supporting workers


  • Work closely with RM’s to respond to the formal recommendations and enforcement requirements of Inspectorates including CQC and The Health & Safety Executive.
  • Work with RM’s to operate services within defined budget headings for the setting and report the reasons for variations to the Adult Services Manager.
  • Ensure that all RM’s operate within the guidance and to the standards of Company Policies & Procedures including;
    • Care Quality Commission Fundamental Standards of Care and KLOE’s (Key lines of enquiry)
    • Statements of Purpose
    • Risk Assessments
    • Health & Safety Guidance
    • Individual Management Plans for adults who use the service
    • Individual Care Plans for adults who use the service
    • Employee Terms of Employment
    • All other Workplace Guidance set out by the Bright Futures Organisation
    • Work with the Adult Services Manager to support employee relations and identify / support RM’s whose performance fails to meet the required workplace standards for their individual roles.
    • Take a pro-active role in personal development.
    • Take an active role, when required to do so, in the recruitment of staff.


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