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We fully recognise how difficult it is for families to trust the care of their son or daughter into the hands of others, so we set out our services to reflect the highest standards of education and care to enable parents, grandparents, family members and friends to sleep soundly each night in the knowledge that our students are safe, happy and healthy.

Bright Futures believe that, wherever possible, young people and adults should be brought up within their own family. However, sometimes this is not possible for a variety of reasons. It is often the case that when students move to Bright Futures their families will have tried incredibly hard to keep them safe and happy within their family home and local community, but due to their particular needs this has not always been possible.

Where students attend day school we look to provide a flexible approach to learning which can follow them into the community and offer family support at times of heightened need. Whether this is an extended school day, time out opportunities or simply extracurricular activities, we will always go the extra mile to ensure that our students can thrive within their family home and local community.

Where students come from further afield and access our residential settings we will always ensure that they continue to positively contribute to family life. We achieve this by overcoming all barriers to meaningful family time including attending for overnight stays within the family home, day visits or attending specific family celebrations such as weddings, religious festivals, birthdays and community celebrations.

We regularly seek feedback from family members regarding the care and education experienced by their children and almost without exception feedback is positive, considered and warm. This continues to inspire the development of our services and in particular our commitment to promoting meaningful family time for every young person and adult entrusted into our care.