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The most fantastic thing about Bright Futures are our students; they are truly inspirational and have the most amazing families who fully share in their journies.  As a staff team we are passionate about our work and are driven each day to find new ways to take them forward and to ensure that they retain a central role in family life.

Many of our students find it difficult to understand the world around them and therefore can struggle to communicate their wishes and feelings to family members, friends and those offering support. Their inability to communicate effectively can lead to heightened states of anxiety and frustration, which can manifest in their behaviour and interaction with others. Such behaviours can include harming themselves or others, damaging their living environments and placing them and others at risk of harm in their home, school and community.

Collectively we ensure that there are no barriers to student success, safety or happiness. To achieve this we are supported by local authorities, regulators and a team of Speech & Language and Occupational Therapists who contribute to a holistic therapeutic approach to living and learning.

Fun at Bright Futures, a friendly tug of war.