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We have a wonderful group of staff working in our Residential Homes and School who ensure that every young person can learn, enjoy and achieve each day. We take as much care when matching staff to each setting as we do when matching young people together.

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Having a skilled, trained and caring workforce remains key to positive and sustainable outcomes for the young people. We have a nurturing ethos which is delivered to all staff throughout their period of recruitment, induction and employment.

To achieve continuity for our young people we only recruit permanent staff members to each setting. We do not use agency or temporary staff at any time. We recruit all staff within strict safeguarding guidelines and no member of staff will work within our school or care settings until they have satisfactorily completed their safeguarding checks and essential induction training.  If you think you have what it takes to be a member of our team, check here for our current vacancies.

Bright Futures is lead by a committed and experienced group of managers with extensive experience of supporting young people with complex learning and communication needs. They ensure that all services are appropriately staffed, resourced and supported, at all times and actively consult with young people, families, placing authorities and staff in the day to day running and development of each setting. In addition to co-ordinating services within their individual workplaces, managers are also expected to work directly with the young people to ensure that they remain familiar with their individual and collective needs.

Our care and education settings have been structured to provide high levels of predictability and continuity throughout each day. This includes shift patterns that ensure that young people have a familiar member of staff waking them in morning, staying with them throughout their school day and settling them back to bed at night. Given the levels of anxiety experienced by our young people surrounding transition, this is just one example of how we look to build our support around their individual needs.