Specialist Living Environments for Adults

Our adult specialist living environments are designed and resourced to the same exacting standards as our Children’s Homes.

We place great emphasis on both nurture and choice, making sure the adults under our care are equipped with the life skills they need, alongside access to specialist support, therapy and care.

Our specialist living environments are tailored to each individual’s specific needs and requirements, with a network of Health Professionals, Therapists, and Inclusion Workers to ensure each adult enjoys a sense of continuity and safety whilst also offering an opportunity to thrive and socially develop.

When we look to identify and develop suitable specialist living environments, we are always mindful of providing spacious and safe accommodation, set within desirable community locations. We also look for properties which offer privacy whilst allowing easy access to local community amenities including shops, parks, libraries and healthcare centres.

Each of our adult living environments allow for:

  • Growth, independent development & supported living.
  • Tailored support that can be scaled up or down.
  • Care and support based on individual requirements.
  • Integrated therapeutic and support networks.
  • Opportunities for integration with the local community.
  • Visitation opportunities for families.
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