Care Homes in Lymm


Are you currently looking into care homes in Lymm? If so, we might be able to help.

At Bright Futures care, we offer residential living facilities and specialist education to those with autism, fragile x syndrome, and other people with a variety of learning disabilities.

Our Lymm care homes are designed to give those facing learning disabilities the opportunity to grow and develop in a safe, happy environment.

Permanent staff with specific training in what our residents need lead personalised learning and play environments in each of our homes.

The individual nature of our care facilities expends to the bedroom’s residents can choose and the activities they partake in.

Once the specific needs of every one of our residents is identified, a personalised plan will be developed. This plan will inform the work our residents do and the goals they would like to meet.

Our Residential Care Homes in Lymm

We know how important it is to get every aspect of a residential care facility right. After all, a person’s living environment should be suited to what they need.

As well as individualised bedrooms, each of our residents comes with communal living areas and kitchens. This way, residents can meet peers and start to develop communication skills with others like them.

A stone’s throw from our specialised schooling facilities, these residential properties allow residents access to their communities in a safe way.

We have found that the right mix of individualised care and experiences in the outside world can truly help people develop the skills they need to live healthy, independent lives. To make a referral to one of our properties, head over to our referrals page.

Bright Futures Care

At Bright Futures Care, we pride ourselves in offering those we care for the opportunity to succeed, whatever their success might look like.

From schooling to home living, everything we do is centred around the individual. To find out more about what we do, contact our friendly team today.