What is SEN Support?


SEN Support, or ‘Specialist Educational Needs’ Support refers to the processes and settings put in place to ensure every child’s unique requirements are met, regardless of any learning or other complex needs that may create a challenge when it comes to learning and development.

As such, SEN Support should be tailored and unique for every individual – there’s no ‘one size fits all’ process for SEN. Which is why, although all schools are required to have SEN processes put in place, it can be better for some students to choose a specialist school, dedicated to SEN support and complex needs.

SEN at Bright Futures

At Bright Futures Care, we are dedicated to providing specialist education to children and young adults across the spectrum of learning disability, autism, and behaviours that challenge. Our support staff work alongside professional therapists to ensure we offer the best education possible, no matter what your child’s unique requirements are.

Based in Lymm, Cheshire, our school offers a wide range of student centric approaches to education. These are fully specialised for each student’s needs. Our education, care and therapy teams work seamlessly together, to create structured learning environments where students with a broad range of abilities can engage, enjoy and progress.

Supported by expert staff, therapists and a full understanding of each child’s unique situation, our team develops and nurtures all of our students to help them recognise and achieve their full potential. As such, our specialist educational services help children with complex needs achieve progress and development in:

  • Communication
  • Flexibility of thought
  • Imagination
  • Independence skills
  • Social interaction
  • Functional literacy skills
  • Functional numeracy skills
  • ICT skills

To find out more about Bright Futures Care, visit our website or contact our friendly team.