Support for Autism Spectrum Disorder

We understand the challenges living with Autism can bring, which is why our team are dedicated to supporting you and your family every step of the way.

At Bright Futures Care, our goal is to ensure every child and individual has the opportunity to learn, live and experience life in all of its joy. That’s why our care and support plans are tailored to every individual, to ensure that the unique requirements of your child are catered for, and their joys and aspirations nurtured.

Every child or adult diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder has their own individual abilities, difficulties and preferences. Some children may have difficulties with social interaction, whereas others may have impaired language and communication skills. Which is why we work closely with therapists, professionals and care staff to help us to better understand each child’s unique needs and perspectives.

The specialist autism services and care we provide include:

  • Specialist residential & educational settings.
  • Permanent staff to provide a sense of continuity and real relationships.
  • Community integration opportunities to help boost self confidence and awareness.
  • Safe, caring and understanding environments.
  • Educational opportunities with a tailored curriculum.
  • Tailored autism care with the goal to improve quality of life.
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