Support for Learning Disabilities & SEN

At Bright Futures, we are dedicated to supporting each and every child with special education needs, autism and learning disabilities.

Every child is different, whether affected by a learning disability or not. We understand just how important it is that support for children must be as tailored and unique as the little ones themselves.

That’s why we offer a range of support services across the spectrum of SEN to ensure each and every one of our children, whether in our residential or educational settings, gets the nurturing and attention they deserve. With the community-based approach we take with both of our residential and educational settings, we allow our children to flourish in a safe, caring environment, whilst allowing those with learning disabilities and special educational needs to experience their full potential.

The specialist support we provide for learning disabilities & SEN children includes:

  • Specialist educational settings with a tailored curriculum.
  • One-to-one support for every child.
  • An educational experience working in tandem with therapists to ensure every child’s unique needs are nurtured.
  • Dedicated and highly qualified staff to help assist your child’s progress.
  • A caring, safe environment.
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