Employee Value Proposition

At Bright Futures Care we know that our people are the key to the great quality of care and education we provide. Our teams are caring, proud, passionate, and motivated and in our high quality work environments we treat every person in a way that makes them feel valued, respected, supported and trusted.

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Benefits & Rewards

  • Competitive Employment Package
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Predictable Pay
  • Stable Rota
  • Meals & Refreshments Provided
  • Pay Structure Strategy
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  • Welcome & Friendly Workforce
  • Professional Courtesy
  • Supportive, Open & Honest Team
  • Proud, Passionate & Motivated Workforce
  • Person Centred Mentoring Scheme
  • Supportive and Visible Management
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Work Environment

  • Clear & Effective Communication
  • High Quality Locations & Resources
  • Sickness & Welfare Monitoring
  • Clear Roles & Responsibilities
  • Job Satisfaction
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Development Opportunities

  • Market Leading Training
  • Adaptable & Continually Evolving Staffing
  • Structure
  • Personalised Career Development
  • Progression Opportunities