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Our Children’s Care Offer

Our registered children’s homes are small, warm, and homely, each accommodating between 4 and 6 children aged 8-18. They look and feel like family homes. They are brilliantly resourced, with healthy staffing levels, and highly trained teams. As such our homes provide safe and nurturing care.

Most children come to us from their family home but can also come from foster families or other children’s homes. For many, life will have become too difficult for them and/or the other people they lived with, and so sought out an alternative place to live with us. 

We understand how emotionally difficult this can be for families, and we work in full partnership with them as their child moves into one of our homes and while they live with us. We make sure that family remain the most important people in a child’s life.

Central to our children’s care approach is that we know that:


Childhood is a precious and special time, when children must be nurtured in warm and stable environments, by people that care for them.


Childhood is a time in life when positive memories are made that last a lifetime and is looked back on with great fondness.


Someone who lives in a children’s home should have the same opportunities, feelings of security, life experiences, and the same outcomes that any other child would.


A child living in a care home must continue to feel part of their own family, so our teams will do all they can to facilitate this, including (if required) supporting the child to spend time in the family home, attending family celebrations, and holidays.


A child that goes on to have a positive and successful adult life is often able to do so because of a positive and stable childhood. Stability is what we are determined to provide.

For Your Journey Ahead

We have our own special schools, which can and mostly do provide education to the children living within our homes. However, if a child is happy in their current education setting and this is working well for them, we believe that this arrangement can and should continue.

We support children and young people to be prepared for their adult life. As such, we teach the skills that they need to be optimistic and resilient. By the end of their time in the home we want young people to be ready to cope with and looking forward to the next exciting chapter. 

When approaching 18 years old, many young people, along with their families, decide to make the move to one of our adult care homes. Whatever the next step, we work with young people to prepare and support them. We understand well that growing up and moving into adult life is challenging, but when the young person has additional and often complex needs this can be particularly daunting for them and their family. This is why we are fully committed to working with the new adult team to carefully plan and support any move.

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For child protection and privacy purposes, we display limited information about our children’s homes on our website. For more information then please make an enquiry via the button displayed at the top of our website.

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Child Testimonial

Finn's Story

Finn moved to Bright Futures in August 2020 after a 14-month hospitalisation at a local mental health hospital. Finn was sectioned under the Mental Health Act for the purpose of assessment and treatment and received a working diagnosis of Autistic Catatonia.

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Jack’s Parents Interview

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