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We collaborate closely with families and professionals to comprehensively gather pertinent information concerning the unique needs and specific requirements of each individual referred to us. Employing a holistic approach, we evaluate the entire individual, aiming not only to identify areas requiring support but also to discern their inherent strengths, aspirations, and future objectives.

For each referral we will conduct:


A review of the individuals’ history and circumstances.


An assessment as to whether the individual meets the matching criteria.


An assessment related to the matching of other individuals within the home and school.

The person being referred, is placed at the centre of our assessment, so involving a range of people is key, this can include family, friends, teachers, advocates, social workers, therapeutic professionals and support workers. 

There are several stages to completing a thorough assessment:


Documentation: provided by schools, health, and social care professionals e.g., care needs assessment, EHCPs, risk assessments, positive behaviour support plans, and health action plans.


Discussions: talking to family, friends, teachers, advocates, social workers, therapeutic professionals, and support workers.


Observations: observations are carried out care and least disruption to the person and their day. Observations can be carried out in the community, at home, or in an education setting. Observation provides us with time to consider how the individual interacts with other people, how they are in key environments, and what influences and impacts and their care and support needs.

This diligence ensures that we reach the right decision to offer a place. It also tells us everything we know to meet the individual’s needs. 

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