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About Our Bright Futures Environments

Continuity of care, and supporting people at times of change in their lives is so important to us. 

All our homes and education settings provide high quality, comfortable, safe and spacious environments. We have Bright Environments for Children, Adults, and for Schools! All are in desirable locations close to community facilities. We also have an internal maintenance team to ensure that our homes are kept to a good quality and safe standard at all times.

We place great importance on providing capable environments that:


Encourage independence living, choice, and control.


Meet each person’s needs and individual routines.


Promote meaningful and engaging activities.


Create consistent and predictable surroundings.


Are physically accessible.


Support communication and sensory integration.


Support positive social interactions and relationships.

Our Locations

Our Homes


Our specialist living environments are shaped to each individual’s specific needs and requirements. They offer a place of safety whilst also offering an opportunity to thrive and socially develop as members of their local community. Each have access to private garden space and every person has their own private en-suite bedroom. We encourage each person to choose the décor and content of their living space, and make it truly their home.

Bright Environments for Children

Bright Environments for Adults'

Bright Environments for Education

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