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Monitoring Concerns and Alerts

Our operational leaders lead on all safeguarding activity, supported by the CEO. The Operations Director, Head of Care Operations, and CEO meet every month to review safeguarding incidents. Regular reports and updates are provided to our Board.

Safeguarding Focus Group

Any incidents are reported and collated centrally and considered at the bi-monthly Safeguarding Focus Group meetings. These meetings are chaired by the Head of Care Operations and attended by the Operations Director and the CEO. The group reviews all safeguarding incidents, shares knowledge and reflects on organisational experiences in order to continuously improve our safeguarding practice. Representatives from every area of the organisation then disseminate knowledge and learning within their teams.

If you wish to report a concern, please complete the form below.

Where abuse is suspected or reported the response will be prompt and in line with both organisational and the relevant Local Authority policy and procedure.  The response will:

  • Take the matter seriously.
  • Be timely, sensitive and maintain confidentiality as appropriate to each situation.
  • Be co-ordinated between and adhere to partner agency protocols where appropriate.
  • Promote human rights and every citizen’s access to the law.
  • Ensure that risk assessments are completed, documented and reviewed in order that risk can be minimised.
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