Our Approach

Our Bright Approach

We believe the care and education that we offer is like no other.

Here is why:


Our track record and consistency of delivering great quality care and education.


The use of dependable and familiar staff.


The opportunity for wrap-around education and residential provision.


Our robust transition plans offering seamless and reassuring support.


The high standards that we set ourselves as a responsible employer that truly values its workforce.


Our responsive and driven team who approach their work with humility and integrity.

Our Values

We define ourselves by our values. They influence how we treat one another, our learners and people we support. They are what put the ‘Bright’ in Bright Futures.


We Work Together

With the people we provide support and education to, with their families, with our community, and with our fellow professionals. Together we are one team.


We Care

We have unwavering commitment to the people we provide support and education to. We offer specialist care, education and therapeutic support tailored to meet each individual’s needs.


We Learn & Grow

By listening, reflecting and learning we make changes to continuously improve what we do.


We Are a Safe Pair Of Hands

We understand how difficult it can be for families to place their loved one in a new school or in the care of others. With our open, calm and supportive approach we are by your side for the journey ahead.

Bright Partnerships

Working in partnership with a range of people, especially families, is important to us. If you are looking for care for a loved one or represent professionally someone with a learning disability, we remove the stress of finding the right home and school for you.

We achieve this by working closely with families, Local Authorities and health and social care professionals throughout the UK, matching both individual and collective needs. With a unified drive we have a proven track record of success and are seen as the provider of choice for people with complex needs, learning disabilities and autism. Our mission is to ensure that each person in our care retains a central role in their family’s lives.

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Words From Our Stakeholders

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Specialist Support


What is PBS?

Positive Behaviour Support is an essential component of our care and education offer and underpins how we support people with Autism, Learning Disabilities, and other complex needs.

At Bright Futures we seek fully embed a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) approach. The overall aim of PBS is to improve the quality of life of people who use care services and special education, and that of those around them. It is effective in producing positive outcomes, such as increasing the person’s skills and life opportunities. As a by-product there is a reduction in concerning behaviour.

Working in partnership with Redstone PBS, all Registered Managers are PBS Coaches as are the Lead Coaches in our Specialist Support Team, PBS Leads drive the implementation of the PBS strategy across the organisation, improving the understanding of the function of concerning behaviours, creating capable environments, plans, and skills of our staff teams.

Active Support

Active Support is an approach to supporting people with additional needs to participate fully in their daily lives, and ultimately increasing independence. This is a primary/proactive intervention within the Positive Behaviour Support framework which aims to improve quality of life.

We have a group of Active Support Trainers and are committed to training all Senior Residential Support Workers to be Active Support Coaches. Coaches support care teams to understand why activity is important to all of us, and what great engagement and participation looks like. They support teams to use active support to – break down the task – give the right level of support – give positive encouragement. We train them to understand the coaching process so that they can maximise their impact on care teams.

Restrain Reduction Network Pledge

At Bright Futures, we are passionate about improving people’s quality of life and minimising the use of any restrictive practices. We are proud to be a member of the Restraint Reduction Network. The RRN is a registered charity which brings together committed organisations to focus on reducing the use of restraint across the health, education and social care sectors. At the forefront of the RRN’s purpose is ensuring that people’s human rights are respected and protected.

Autism Education Trust

Autism Education Trust (AET) Training Partnership

We are a licensed Autism Education Trust Partner (AET). This enables us to delivery a vast range of high quality training, based on the latest research and good practice recommendations. Course content is designed by leading academics in the field of autism study, and modular so that it is easy to digest.

The Autism Education Trust (AET) is a non-profit programme led by two national autism charities – The National Autistic Society and Ambitious About Autism, and is highly recognised by the Department of Education as an outstanding evidence based training resource. Our shared vision is a world where all autistic people experience a positive life and education that supports their wellbeing.

Our licensed AET trainers provide a range of autism training. All new staff at Bright Futures have an extensive new starter induction which equips them will all the skills and knowledge required when working with young people and adults with autism. Included in induction is the AET ‘Making Sense of Autism’ course. The remaining courses are delivered as part of the staff members Continued Professional Development, and built around the needs of the people they support.

We are incredibly passionate about sharing and raising awareness about Autism, which is why we also offer our AET training to external provisions such as local schools, university students, general practitioners and many others, to share our knowledge and support professionals in other settings, so that they can provide the best service possible and life experiences for students and the people we support.

Grounded In The Community

Bright Futures strives to be at the centre of the community, proactively and positively enriching the life of each and every one of our neighbourhoods and communities.

As much as it is important that we benefit from the kindness of others, we also look to contribute as good citizens. By attending local events, assisting with community renovations and redevelopment or helping others also in need, our students and adults alike gain valuable life skills, a sense of achievement, personal growth and indeed an expanded network and community of friends. Having a strong community presence and impact is a fundamental part of the work we do and is a vital component of our wider Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Strategy.

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