Bright Environments for Adults

Bright Environments for Adults

We know that the people who live in a house make it a home. This is why we continuously invest in our adult’s homes, enhancing the living spaces, maintaining full compliance with safety requirements, and using innovation to enhance people’s experiences with us.

Our adult’s homes:


Are purposely designed, maintained, and adapted for the people who live in them. This includes the provision of equipment needed for individuals.


Reflect the personalities and wishes of the people who live in them.


Offer a good level of communal and private space. They provide social opportunities as well as privacy and dignity.


Are maintained to a high standard, including the provision of equipment, and are always kept clean and hygienic.


Have good considerations around security, so that people living in them always feel safe.


Located in community settings with good access to facilities and transport links.

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Our Environments

As a provider of care and education for people with complex needs, learning disabilities, and autism, we strive to base our practice on evidence and research. For our care and education this means that we build capable environments that embrace the tenants outlined in Positive Behaviour Support research. These include environments that provide:

We achieve this by placing a clear focus on three key areas:

1 Opportunities for positive social interactions.
2 Opportunities for communication.
3 Participation in meaningful activity
4 Predictability that honours personalised routines and activities.
5 Opportunities for maintenance of relationships with family and friends.

6 Opportunities for choice.
7 Opportunities for more independent functioning.
8 Support for personal care and health.
9 Acceptable levels of physical accessibility.
10 Mindful and skilled staff teams.

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