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About Ash Meadow School

Our specialist education provision at Ash Meadow School is located adjacent to The Dream in Sutton Manor, St Helens. Ash Meadow School is an Independent Special School which is accessed by local education authorities, social care and health services who require an integrated package of education and care, or school day placements.

We are registered for up to 35 places for students aged 5 – 19 years, which includes day placements. Our highly trained staff teams are particularly skilled in supporting students with sensory integration difficulties and providing strategies to focus on self-regulation, and strategies to support autism. 

Each student has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and a Positive Behaviour Support Plan (PBSP). We use a range of tools to support assessment and track progress. These include Evidence for Learning which supports a holistic approach considering engagement and learning. Learning goals and achievements are hugely celebrated. We use national accreditation including the EQUALS Award schemes, ASDAN programmes, GCSEs, and other awarding bodies.

At Ash Meadow we work closely with Therapy Services and provide all of our young people and adults with a ‘sensory diet’ which is a carefully designed, personalised plan and provides the sensory input the individual needs to stay focused and organised throughout the day. The effects of a sensory diet can be immediate and cumulative. Not only can they help stimulate or calm an individual in the moment, but they can also support restructuring the individual’s nervous system over time so they can become more tolerant of certain sensations or situations that they may find challenging. A sensory diet includes a range of activities to support calming the sensory system such as the use of a weighted jacket or body sock, and also includes activities to stimulate the sensory system such as using a trampoline, collecting apples in a wheelbarrow and garden work.

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Below you’ll find a collection of our key documents containing important information on our policies, plans and practices.

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Child Testimonial

Timothy's Story

Prior to Bright Futures, Timothy was observed to have erratic sleep patterns, with significant and constant involuntary body movements, and required the regular use of a wheelchair to support his overall mobility, he also suffered with significant weight loss weighting only 46.2kg upon admission.

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