Our Move Into Manchester


We are so excited to be expanding into Greater Manchester this summer! Here we’ll take you through the reasons why we are making the move and our plans for further ahead.

We believe that each person we support should have the opportunity to live within a community setting and make a positive contribution to the community around them. Over recent years, we have worked with families and commissioners to consider developing services in the Greater Manchester region. We’re passionate about providing high quality homes for people with complex needs, and we are often asked to support people from all over the country. However, our preference is to create local homes for local people. Some people are still being placed hundreds of miles from their family, friends, and familiar environments. It has been beneficial to establish networks in the Greater Manchester area and develop homes so people can remain near their families.

Our first step into the Greater Manchester area is in the lovely area of Worsley in Salford. Worsley is described as a picturesque town in Salford to the west of Manchester. With the opportunity for beautiful walks along the canal and a village with restaurants and pubs, makes it an ideal place for anyone to live. Our first home is a typical family home, which will offer support for 3 young adults. We know that large institutions are not appropriate for people with autism, and we have seen great success in developing 2 or 3 person homes in our existing locations in Warrington and the Liverpool City Region.

This move into the Salford area has also given us the opportunity to work with new local therapy teams from Manchester Occupational Therapy Services and SpeechWise.

Looking further into 2023 and 2024, we plan to develop similar, small homes within the region. Our gradual approach ensures we retain our quality provisions and that our central resources are scalable and accessible.


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