Exploring Communication With Autism

Care Worker and Child interaction

There are several different things that come to mind when you think about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), but one of the main things that people think about is communication. According to the Oxford Dictionary, communication is defined as “the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium”. Issues with verbal, […]

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Heat Intolerance and Autism Spectrum Disorder


As Summer quickly approaches, most of us are excited to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. But for those people on the autistic spectrum, heat waves and warmer weather can bring a host of challenges. So, as you are looking for your beach towels and sunglasses this spring, why not add a few more […]

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University Student Holiday Jobs

teaching at a specialist school

Over the holiday period, we are offering an amazing opportunity for university students to work at bright futures care, alongside our team as a support worker. Here at bright futures care, we are passionate about caring for and providing support for young people and adults with learning disabilities and special educational needs. Our care takes […]

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Summer Placements At Bright Futures Cares

Sack Race

We are offering employment during the summer to University students who live in the local areas of Warrington, Lymm, Widnes and St Helens.  Our pay rate is £10 an hour and we are currently offering full time, part-time and flexible positions throughout the whole of the summer holidays and other term breaks. Our unique working […]

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Children’s Care Workers


We are looking for highly motivated and hard-working individuals to take on the incredible opportunity of becoming a Children’s Care Worker.  Do you have a passion for providing excellent care?  Here at Bright Futures Care, we provide the highest standard of care to both children and young adults. If you are approachable, friendly, proactive, and […]

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How Autism Can Impact Hearing

Alternative Communication Techniques

It is commonly known that Autism Spectrum Disorder can come alongside a multitude of additional disorders and symptoms. When these additional symptoms are noted extensively enough to be considered part of a separate disorder, they are often referred to as comorbidities. Autism itself, as well as comorbidities such as Sensory Processing Disorder, can have profound […]

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What does the Transition to Residential Care Involve?

Willow Tree Park Gardening

If you’re thinking about a care home for your child, start looking for ones that you think would best suit your child’s needs. We often talk about a ‘gut feeling’ as a parent and our advice is to get out and see the different types of provisions, talk to staff teams, and understand the culture […]

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