Ensuring flexible adult care with our Step-up Step-down model

Our Step-up Step-down model gives the people we support the flexibility to change and adapt their care to meet their individual needs as they move through life.

At Bright Futures, we understand the importance of a truly tailored and person-centred approach to care. Each and every one of the people we support is different, their individuality is what makes them who they are, and that is something we celebrate.

As we move through life, our journeys and experiences build on our likes, dislikes and personality. It’s with that in mind that no matter where you start your journey with us, we want to make sure that the people we support have that flexibility to have options that can change and progress as they do. As they grow and develop throughout their life, our support is unwavering.

Delivering the right support, in the right environment that can be flexible to the needs of each individual is what we call our ‘Step-up Step-down’ model. It allows us to offer varied environments and support packages that are tailored, person-centred, and have the ability to change in intensity to meet the needs of the people we support.  Putting the person at the heart of everything we do, offering alternatives as and when things change.

As an example, a person may need a heightened level of supportive care at the start of their journey with us, as we understand their needs, preferences, and tools to communicate. Once we’ve become familiar in their life and can adapt the environment and facilities to meet their individual needs, this may reduce. Over time and through our great quality care, the work we do at Bright Futures can support that person to understand and develop strategies to better manage, cope and build resilience, increasing their quality of life and independence.

Some of our adult homes are built to offer that much needed independence, like living in a self-contained flat, or sharing a house with a small number of others.  We recognise that in life, there may be ups and downs, but by offering the flexibility of movement and opportunities, we support people to experience life to the fullest potential.


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