Special Education Needs

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The range of requirements of students with Special Education Needs (SEN) with autism and / or a learning disability are hugely varied and diverse depending on each individual student – but one thing we find that every student at our school has in common is they want to learn. 

Education can be a great challenge, whether a learning disability is part of your life or not. But for those with needs beyond what traditional schooling can offer, this challenge might seem impossible at times. 

At Bright Futures Care, we know how important it is to develop schools that encompass the specialist care and education that students with autism and or learning disabilities need. So, we created them. Located close to local communities and our residential locations, these environments have been specially designed to help children thrive in their education either as a day placement or when living in one of our residential locations.

Every student has a personalised learning plan. These plans are created with the student’s needs at the centre of the process to ensure they receive education to specifically meet their learning and sensory needs in a suitable environment that supports this.

Our learning plans include extracurricular activities that our students might need and are carefully monitored to ensure needs are met throughout each student’s education. Recent examples include our school football team and a group of students who successfully achieved their Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Some of our students require ongoing, one-to-one support in school and this is available to students who require this. Education works as part of a larger network of supporting activities at our schools.

Our network of activities include ongoing specialist therapeutic support for every child, as well as highly qualified staff that are always on hand to help. 

To find out more about our educational opportunities, visit our website or call our friendly team today.


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