Specialist Education

Our specialist educational settings are designed with the individual in mind, to ensure we can provide a fulfilling learning experience for every child.

Education is a fundamental aspect of any child’s life, and we don’t feel that learning disabilities or any complex need should deprive any child of this opportunity to live, laugh and love together with like-minded students, and in the wider community. As such, our specialist educational services are tailored to each and every child. Supported by expert staff, therapy and understanding of each child’s unique situation, our team develops and nurtures all of our students to help them recognise their full potential, developing not only important life skills, but nurturing a sense of self and achievement.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our education, alongside the opportunities we create to encourage and increase each student’s communication skills, choices, independence and social skills. Our education, care and therapy teams work seamlessly together, to create structured learning environments where students with a broad range of abilities can engage, enjoy and progress.

Our specialist educational services help children with complex needs achieve progress and development in:

  • Communication
  • Flexibility of thought
  • Imagination
  • Independence skills
  • Social interaction
  • Functional literacy skills
  • Functional numeracy skills
  • ICT skills
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