Welcome to Brunel House Care Home

House with drive

We are thrilled to introduce our new home, Brunel House, to you. This home reflects the high quality and standards seen across all of our other children’s homes, all of which are rated either Good or Outstanding, and offers round the clock care for up to five children.

About Brunel House Care Home

Along with our other homes, Brunel House offers the opportunity for children to live in a spacious, private residential location. Shared communal areas such as living areas, a kitchen and lounges for both play and relaxation allow for young people to interact. The home has been entirely renovated and redecorated which means that the home is modern, homely, warm and has been designed to meet the needs of each child.

As well as this, individual personalised bedrooms, complete with en suite bathrooms and living areas, offer the much-needed chance for independence.

Garden space and specialised equipment that allow children to play and relax are an important part of all of our locations. Brunel House is no different, allowing young people to enjoy personalised activities safely.

In addition to this, our new home is only a short walk from local shops and transport links and is located to a nearby local leisure hub which has a library, swimming and many other interesting activities and opportunities. This means that those living at Brunel House are never too far away from their community.

Bright Futures Care

At Bright Futures Care, we offer residential living and education opportunities for young people with complex needs. Our locations are designed to help young people learn and thrive.

By offering a consistent and high quality of care, children with complex needs, such as autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, sensory processing difficulties and behaviours described as challenging have a chance to grow. 

This adapted learning extends to all of our residential and education locations and we work to understand the needs of all of the young people in our care, including the underlying triggers for behaviour. This ensures each person receives a bespoke and personalised service.

Our staff are permanent, providing familiarity and consistency and as we have never had to use agency staff this makes us a sector leading organisation in staffing resilience. To refer a child to our new facility, go to our referral form or email referrals@brightfuturescare.co.uk. Or, to find out more about our work, call our friendly team or complete a contact form.


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