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Farmer - Careers Week

October saw our Willow Tree and Ash Meadow schools turn their attention to careers, providing students with a vast array of visitors and experiences Careers Week has a real success.

Our Great Education Offer supports students to ‘awaken their potential’ and this was never more evident than during Careers Week. Our incredible school colleagues had created a set of visits and talks for our students that highlighted the myriad of possibilities that are available to them. The series of events was so popular that in ran into two weeks!

Week One

Week one saw students meet a fitness instructor, a farmer (complete with a tractor and sheep) and our own workforce development manager. Students were also treated to a visit from a falconry team and were able to take part in an owl handling experience which brought smiles to all. We even had an owl who shared his name with the new King. Charles and Tundra were very well-behaved visitors and the students loved stroking and handling them.

Our Ash Meadow colleagues also enjoyed some animal encounters of their own, when the animal management department from St. Helen’s college visited the school. Students were able to meet and handle an array of different animals from guinea pigs and giant snails to tortoises. The students loved the experience and were very kind and gentle with their animal visitors.

Week Two

Week two appealed to those with an interest in emergency services with a visit from a PCSO, firefighters and a nurse. There were also visits from a veterinarian, a car valet company and one of our business admin assistants who was able to talk through her recent qualification achievements and the different routes to development.

The Careers Week was an incredible success and is testament to the broad curriculum that our Great Education Offer is underpinned by. Students were able to gain personal development as well as vocational and academic benefits from the careers week.

It is so important to us that we fuel the ambition of our students and by introducing them to a diverse range of career opportunities we were able to do just that. Work experience is also a really important part of what we offer our students, and the careers week has already seen one finalised work experience placement, which is fantastic.

A Big Thank You

Thank you to the hard work of all involved, Careers Week was a clear demonstration of how we support students to awaken their potential. We’re already looking forward to next year!


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