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We are extremely proud to say that both of our schools; Willow Tree and Ash Meadow are now Eco-Schools.

What Are Eco-Schools?

Launched in 1994, Eco-schools is an international programme, currently active in over 70 countries. It is the largest sustainable school programme in the world with over 19.5 million children and young people currently engaged.

Eco-schools are a fantastic way of encouraging children and young people to take an active role in protecting their environment. Creating a generation who have cultivated a sustainable mindset.
The programme itself focuses on three key areas; the seven-step methodology, the Eco-Schools themes and the assessment for a green flag. The seven-step methodology starts with the school creating an eco-committee. It ends with the production of an eco-code, this eco-code represents the school’s commitment to sustainability.

How To Become An Eco School?

Eco-schools are pupil-led and the eco-committee chooses three key topics to focus on. There are twelve topics for the committee to choose from, some of which are; health and well-being, waste, climate change and water.

After around two years the school can be assessed to be awarded with a green flag. We have a strong focus on environmental sustainability and ensuring that we are doing the right thing for the environment that our children and young people will live in.

Our great education offer is all about ‘awakening potential’. This is very much evident in the participation in the Eco-Schools programme. Through this, we are helping to encourage our young people to make choices to become active in saving the environment. Both in their school and also the local community.

Two of the themes that our students at Willow Tree focused on were water and waste. The students were visited by representatives from Water Aid who came in to give a talk, and the school got a water butt. For waste, students visited a recycling centre and made sculptures and artwork from recycled materials.
If we think about our ‘journey ahead’, our students are working really hard to make sure that journey is a sustainable one.

If you are interested in working for a company who are passionate about sustainability and helping our young people engage with improving their environment. Then please check out our current role vacancies on our website.


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