New Branding & Website Launch

New Branding

‘For your journey ahead’, our new tagline. It certainly hits the mark in setting out our ambition, focus and the direction our company is heading in. Unveiled for leaders from across the company at our recent strategy day, our new brand, created in partnership with Lead Talent, signifies a huge forward step for us.

The journey metaphor is now fully realised with our new, evolved butterfly logo. The butterfly has always been a core part of our identity. Therefore the evolved state, featuring a more modern, abstract design with a fresher colour palette, perfectly encapsulates the energy that typifies our growth mindset. The new branding blends the best of the old with a sense of the new.

Why Did We Do The Rebrand?

During the rebrand, we aimed to celebrate and elevate what makes Bright Futures great and unique. By simplifying and clarifying previous value propositions into four core values. Our Bright Approach has consistency and high standards at its core.

Our new values; We Work Together, We Care, We Learn and Grow, and We are a Safe Pair of Hands, are simple and embody the essence of us. There is a real sense of self-assurance in the new branding and values. Clear, simple statements highlight that we know exactly who we are, what is important to us, and what makes us unique. Our new branding presents a clear explanation of what makes us great.

The Great Care Offer came to life by examining the ‘Team Around the Person’. This highlights how the individual is at the heart of everything we do. Whilst the Great Education Offer is about ‘Awakening potential’ and preparing our people for the journey ahead. Each of our locations underwent a metamorphosis of their own. Our old signage was updated on launch day to fully immerse all of our people, in the new brand.

What Else Is New?

As well as a new logo, the new brand sees a new font and added doodles. These things add to the sense of our energy and reflect our personality well. An updated style of imagery has also been released, which brings to life our caring and nurturing nature.

The next exciting step is our new website launch in October. Attendees at the launch event got a sneak preview of the website which perfectly showcases the future aspirations of our company and our strong digital strategy. Described as ‘fresh and forward thinking’ the new brand was extremely well received by colleagues who praised the simple and clear messaging. We are all excited about the next stage of our evolution!


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