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Why work at Bright Futures Care?

Working with our team here at Bright Futures gives you the opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of both young people and adults with learning disabilities. This opportunity drives every member of our team to provide continuous support to all the people in our care. We are passionate about ensuring every young person and adult in our care achieves and succeeds!

What does being a Care Support Worker entail?

Being a Care Support Worker means being able to help people who require extra support to live as independently as they can. Every person that requires support has unique needs – so being a Support Worker means no two days are the same.

This type of role can be challenging at times but that just makes it even more rewarding!  Being able to make a positive difference to someone’s life and see them thrive from your support is one of the best feelings you can experience.  Every day you leave work feeling a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

What can we offer you?

Here at Bright Futures Care we can offer you many career pathways and development opportunities – our roles come with varied opportunities to undertake Level 2 or 3 qualifications.  When you join the team, you are welcomed with all the induction and training you need to effectively carry out your role, also whilst you are on shift all your meals and refreshments are provided for! 

Sarah’s story:

Before joining us at Bright Futures Care, Sarah was working at a preschool as a key worker. She recalls specifically enjoying working with a little boy who clearly had undiagnosed special needs, this encounter was what started her journey into working in SEN. 

Throughout her 15 years working at Bright Futures Care she feels her main contribution has been the ability to have a familiar face with the children. Working with us for so many years, she feels the children here are able to trust her due to her being able to continuously provide support.  A lot of the children Sarah works with have issues with attachment and may also have background stability issues, so being able to provide a familiar face is just what they need.

The most rewarding part of her job is being able to see some of the children or young adults come in during a crisis or just in a bad place, and she gets to see them develop into confident people – she also values the opportunity she gets to develop with the families also.

Her biggest recommendation would be working within SEN children – you’ll never get bored and also it’s so rewarding to see the massive difference you get to make on people’s lives. Even on tough days it’s a personal role that no one can just fill, so you know that when you’re off people are missing you – that’s why Sarah turns up every day.

Tom’s story:

Tom was working for a charity called ‘Kind’, which is a charity focused on helping disadvantaged kids.  His work was focused around helping provide services and activities for children and young people to show them that life can be better.

When Tom joined us as a Teacher he admitted that he had some perceived notions of what working in SEN (children with special educational needs) would be like. He was worried that as his teaching style was primarily built around being able to have a joke with the children, they wouldn’t understand him or his methods. 

On his first day he recalls that notion went straight out the window! The children loved his approach to teaching and even started making jokes of their own. Tom contributes vast amounts of energy to the team and is very passionate about what he does. His love for helping others progress and develop has reflected in his job, as he ensures each child is involved in lessons by tailoring and making sure each class is bespoke for each student. 

The most rewarding part of this job for him has to be watching the children progress, whether that be short or long term. He remembers many entering without ever having left their parents’ side before, so to see them go from not being able to leave the classroom due to their anxiety to being able to go swimming with everyone, or taking part in after school sessions, is the most rewarding feeling he has ever experienced in a job.


After reading the above if you feel like you would be an excellent fit for our team and would like to apply for a job with us, please have a look at our vacancies page to see what is available near you.


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