Top 5 Blogs to Help People With Autism

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Learning how to cope, understand, and communicate with your which when they are on the autism spectrum can be a challenging, albeit very rewarding aspect of a parent’s life. And, what better way to learn about the challenges, intricacies, and differences of each case of autism than by hearing from the people who have and are living through it now?

As such, we’ve put together a shortlist of some great and helpful blogs for you to have a read through if you want to find out more, each written by a person dealing with a unique aspect of autism and its many forms.

1. Life With Asperger’s

Life With Asperger’s is written by Gavin Bollard. It is a unique blog that follows his own experiences with living with Asperger’s Syndrome, now known as Autism Spectrum Disorder, alongside his two children. It is a valuable source of information and help from someone who has lived through both sides of the autism coin – as a parent, and as a child. If you are looking for blogs that looks to offer expert autism support, this is certainly a great one to choose!

2. Squag Blog

This blog is slightly different, in that it isn’t written by one author; it’s a collection of stories from youths through to adults, who share their thoughts, experiences, and avenues of expression with each other. From poetry and short essays to blogs and personal memoirs, it’s an extremely rewarding and fulfilling look into the more positive aspects of autism and the people living with it.

3. YouTube: Willow Hope

In the modern, more visual age, let’s not forget about the value of video documentation. That’s exactly what YouTuber Willow Hope provides on her channel. Serving as a gold mine of information on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), through her own lens of living with ASD. Each video is centered on a specific issue and provides valuable insight into the challenges faced by the autism community.

4. Asperger Management

Looking ahead into later in life is often one of the biggest concerns parents have when faced with ASD. However, like Malcolm Johnson – work is not an aspect of life that should not necessarily be considered impossible. In each blog post of Johnson’s ‘Asperger Management’, he takes a look into different, specific issues that he himself has had to grapple with as an employee who is on the autism spectrum. It’s a highly encouraging read for those who are looking to start their careers.

5. The Invisible Strings

A slightly different read than the other examples in this post, M. Kelter’s ‘The Invisible Strings’ tells stories about his life and past, in order to give readers an insight into how he feels they have shaped him. Rather than necessarily offering advice and tips, Kelter’s stories are instead an important look into how negative attitudes towards ASD can be dealt with and reflected upon, to allow others with autism to learn from them and succeed.

We hope you have found this list useful, and we welcome any feedback in regards to our choices. Equally, if you have a blog that you’ve found useful in your own experiences, feel free to let us know and we will add it to the list.


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