University Student Holiday Jobs

teaching at a specialist school

Over the holiday period, we are offering an amazing opportunity for university students to work at bright futures care, alongside our team as a support worker. Here at bright futures care, we are passionate about caring for and providing support for young people and adults with learning disabilities and special educational needs.

Our care takes place in several of our residential home environments and our specialist school setting. We take pride in the work we do and have an amazing team of support workers who are trained in providing specialist care to meet all of the needs of those we support.

A university student holiday job with Bright Futures Care would provide some excellent work experience, training, and career pathways alongside development opportunities.

What Does Working As A Support Worker Involve?

If you are a university student who is passionate, caring, proud and motivated about helping others then this opportunity would be perfect for you.  Working alongside our team would entail providing the highest quality of care to young people and adults with learning disabilities and special educational needs.

We offer market-leading training to ensure you feel confident in helping us to provide our high-quality service.  At Bright Futures Care you will be supporting young people in doing the things they would like to do, no two days are the same and each activity can be different, whether it’s visiting the zoo or going for walks. Within the job role, you will be supporting our young people by understanding their individual needs and engaging them in planned activities. Your job will involve providing this care to ensure that all of our young people are encouraged to succeed and make a difference in their lives.

At Bright Futures Care we make sure that the people we employ are a good fit for the role because of the needs of the people we support.  We want to make sure that every young person is able to reach their full potential and do the activities that they love.  If you are friendly, approachable and have a passion for caring, then this job role is the perfect opportunity for you!

Our Team

Our team provide the highest quality of care to all who we support.  It is vitally important that our team ensure every young person can achieve and enjoy every day, this is why we take care in matching our wonderful team members to each setting. You can learn more about our amazing team here.

How You Can Apply For The Role

If you would like to apply for this student holiday job role, it can be found here.  Experience is always great, but in this instance, it is not essential due to our incredible market-leading training.


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