Why Become a Residential Care Manager?

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Do you love working in care? If you do, our Registered Manager position might just be the perfect thing for a career step up. 

As a registered manager, you’ll have the opportunity to help improve the lives of young people in our community by planning their progress from a managerial perspective. To name a few, this might include planning trips out or educational packages for new residents.

What Do Registered Managers Do?

At its core, the job of Registered Manager requires applicants to be responsible for the general running of the home as well as its compliance with the Care Act of 2014. 

These two responsibilities encompass many different tasks, which includes providing support to residents, families and staff. 

You’ll also have a say in monitoring the quality of care of residents, as well as developing policies and plans that help keep our young people progressing forward. 

When a new person enters our facility, you’ll be there to help them settle into their new surroundings. It is this connection to residents that our staff members truly love. 

Tracy Nesbit, our Deputy Manager said she started working with Bright Futures care because: “children with special needs are special and I wanted to be there to help them progress and develop.”

She followed this up by saying: “Some people think care is a mundane job but it’s not, it’s the reward you get from the children.”

“You don’t need experience, we are just looking for caring people with an open mind who can come in and help the children to progress”.

Your Working Day

When it comes to your working day, there’s only one thing we guarantee; that any two days will never be the same. 

You’ll most often start your day by taking charge of a handover meeting. During this time, the team will discuss anything that has happened over the course of their shift that might be relevant for others to know. 

After this meeting, you may be tasked with setting out care plans for new incomers. This involves assessing their needs and wants, and outlining a plan for all staff members so that they are prepared for their new starter. 

Our registered managers also work one-to-one with some students, helping them to gain confidence and progress in their education and health. 

This is one of the most important roles that you will undertake and is certainly something that all of our staff members love to do. 

Working At Bright Futures Care

At Bright Futures Care, our motto is simple: help our residents succeed. This success could look different for everyone, perhaps it is attending school for a full day or achieving a pass grade in an assessment. 

Either way, the most rewarding part of the job is to see the young people you have worked so closely with meet their potential. 

We are a close-knit team, and are always on hand to help others where we can. So, if you’re a team player with an amazing attitude, then this job is perfect for you.


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