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We have a wonderful group of staff working in our Residential Homes and School who ensure that every young person, adult and student can learn, enjoy and achieve each day.

We take as much care when matching staff to each setting as we do when matching young people together. Our specialist team is dedicated to providing the highest quality educational and specialist needs across our wide range of both residential and educational settings.

Collectively we ensure that there are no barriers to the success, safety or happiness of each young person, adult and student. To achieve this we are supported by local authorities, regulators and a team of Speech & Language and Occupational Therapists who contribute to a holistic therapeutic approach to living and learning.

Feel free to get in touch with our staff to find out how we can support you and your family.

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Ruth Clifford

Executive Head and Company Autism Lead

07540 014868 ruth.clifford@brightfuturescare.co.uk
Michele Pitt

Head of Workforce Development and Recruitment

07540 014871 michele.pitt@brightfuturescare.co.uk
Richard Arden

Chief Financial Officer

07854 857540 richard.arden@brightfuturescare.co.uk
Lee Richards

Children’s Services Manager

01925 759162 lee.richards@brightfuturescare.co.uk
Peter Sheils

Project Development Manager

01925 759162 peter.sheils@brightfuturescare.co.uk
Kate Hackett

Head of Development and Practice

07702 333989 kate.hackett@brightfuturescare.co.uk
Rachelle Russell

Operations Director

07999 031052 rachelle.russell@brightfuturescare.co.uk
Susan Yates

Adults’ Residential Area Manager

07999020664 susan.yates@brightfuturescare.co.uk

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