*name changed to protect identity.

Prior to Bright Futures, Timothy was observed to have erratic sleep patterns, with significant and constant involuntary body movements, and required the regular use of a wheelchair to support his overall mobility, he also suffered with significant weight loss weighting only 46.2kg upon admission. Timothy had been out of formal education for two years requiring high levels of support from agency nursing / caring staff on a 4:1 staffing ratio, Timothy also required 2 hourly medication, which was administered between 6am and 11pm 7 days a week. Understandably, Timothy demonstrated high levels of frustration and spontaneous & indiscriminate aggressive behaviours towards others including peers, self and members of the public, with high levels of indiscriminate damage towards his environments. Timothy was socially isolated compounded by significant communication difficulties and also struggled to use cutlery due to his presenting motor disorder.

Timothy now has much improved sleep patterns and does not require the support of a wheelchair, due to his much improved mobility. We have observed a significant weight gain with Timothy

Timothy, now weighing 64kg. Timothy has successfully returned to full time education and maintains the support of a consistent core staff team on a reduced 2:1 staffing ratio. His medication regime is now much less restrictive, which has provided much improved social opportunities whilst supporting better sleep patterns. We now observe significantly lower levels of indiscriminate aggressive and destructive behaviours towards others and his environments. Timothy is now fully active within his community, with improved communication, he is now able to use a knife and fork and also brush his teeth semi-independently with supportive prompts from his carers. Timothy even met his TV hero, ‘Mr Tumble’ during a social event in Warrington.

Timothy really does now, have a much brighter future!