Why Become a Senior Residential Support Worker?

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If you are looking for a career in care, a senior residential support position might be the perfect thing for you.

This role combines the rewards of social care with an opportunity to get involved in the management of our business. It is an incredible job for somebody who is equally as passionate as they are organised.

What The Job Entails

To be successful at the role of senior residential support worker, the first thing you’ll need is a great work ethic.

After this, it’s just a case of helping your Registered Manager to run the show. This may include taking on a lead role in ensuring the care and welfare of each child, or giving guidance to our Residential Support Workers.

On top of that, you might be called on to create fun, engaging activities for the children throughout the day.

Whatever role you are in, the best thing about working in care is clear: it’s the sense of pride you feel when a person you have cared for achieved their goals. And with the opportunity to plan games and activities that lead them there, it is even more rewarding when they manage it.

Our staff are amazing, and they each have their own special reason for coming in to work every day. Jenny, a teaching assistant here at Bright Futures, said:

“I think for me, to help children progress, it’s a case of coming in and being positive, being nurturing, and showing them how to make education accessible and also make it rewarding.”

“I think every day is rewarding because, for the types of young people that we work with, any small thing is amazing!”

Your Daily Routine

As a Senior Residential Support Worker, your days might start in a similar way. But they certainly don’t end that way. In the morning, the first thing you’ll do is join those finishing their shift to discuss what has happened during the night, and what the day might bring.

After this, it’s time to ensure all of the young people in your care are safe and where they need to be. You’ll assign residential support workers their jobs for the day, and ensure everything is in its place so that everybody can have an enjoyable, productive day.

You’ll work hand-in-hand with the Deputy Manager & Registered Manager, ensuring that activities are planned for and paperwork is completed.

And after that, it’s time to help some of your residents with their afternoon activities. You’ll get to know the young people so well, that it’ll be even sweeter when they make that one breakthrough you have been hoping for!

Why Work At Bright Futures Care?

Bright Futures Care is a hub for all things fun and educational. Or at least, that certainly is our goal. We offer residential and educational care for people with a wide range of disabilities, and we love watching our students grow to reach their full potential.

Joining the Bright Futures Care team is more than a career decision; it’s the chance to do something truly amazing with your time!


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