Children’s Care

Our Children’s Care Services provide both residential and education placements tailored to the individual needs of young people and their families.

Sustainable positive outcomes are achieved for every child, young adult and student by ensuring that they have quality living and learning environments, compatible peers, a needs-led approach to resourcing and access to a permanent workforce in all settings.

We have a wonderful staff team that ensures that every young person can learn, be safe and achieve each day. We have a nurturing ethos that is delivered to all staff throughout their period of recruitment, induction and employment. We take as much care when matching staff to our settings as we do when matching young people together.

When we look to identify and develop suitable living and learning environments for our children, we are always mindful of providing spacious, safe accommodation, set within desirable community locations.

Our children’s care settings are structured to provide high levels of predictability and continuity throughout each day. This includes shift patterns that ensure that young people have a familiar member of staff waking them in morning, staying with them throughout their school day and settling them back to bed at night.

Our children’s services are led by a committed group of managers with extensive experience of supporting young people with complex learning, communication and sensory needs. They ensure that all services are appropriately staffed, resourced and supported and we actively consult with young people, students and their families in the development of each setting.

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