Becoming A Waking Night Care Worker


So, by this point in your search to find out all you need to know about working in care, you might think you’ve heard it all.  But did you know that there is a whole world of overnight care work positions out there for you?

What Is A Waking Night Care Worker?

The people we support may need round-the-clock care, so it is important they are able to access support whenever they may need it.  This includes overnight care and is why a Waking Night Care Worker is so important.  We offer the highest standards of care and support when needed throughout the night, by understanding the care needs and supporting and engaging with our Young People.

A Waking Night Support Worker delivers a personal and bespoke service.  You will support our Young People during the night should they wake and need support in line with care and support plans.  You will take a person-centred approach to deliver the highest quality care.

A Waking Night Care Worker’s Responsibility

At Bright Futures Care, developing a happy, nurturing environment is our utmost priority.  We support our colleagues by offering wellness services.

If you are interested in being a part of a growing team, made up of team members that are eager to learn and put their skills to good use, this role might just be perfect for you!

To apply for this position, or one of the other care roles we have available, head over to our application form.  Or, get in touch with our friendly recruitment team to find out more about working at Bright Futures Care.