The Skills Of A Deputy Manager

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A Deputy Manager is required to have strong leadership skills and the ability to lead the team in the absence of the Registered Manager.  They are required to take on the responsibilities that the manager delegates to them. 

They will need to be able to prioritise their own tasks and delegate effectively to their team.  This will allow them to focus on what needs to get done and allow them to make timely decisions.  

Bright Futures Care Deputy Manager

At Bright Futures Care, the Deputy Manager is expected to support the Registered Manager. This is so that we can achieve the highest standard of care. The Deputy Manager will mainly oversee the day-to-day running of the site, and proactively assist the team where needed.

The Deputy Manager needs to encourage the team to advocate for the people we support.  They will ensure that the health needs, activities, and nutrition of the people we support are met.  This will be done by maintaining links with families and links within the community.

They will need to engage in ongoing professional development for themselves. Also they will encourage the members of their team to work on their development and progression.

Find out more about our Deputy Manager opportunities by visiting our website today. If this job is not for you, we have other vacancies that may interest you.


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