What Is A Person-Centred Planning Champion

person-centred care

Calling all incredible care providers…at Bright Futures Care, we are on the hunt for some exceptional people to join our team. From Residential Support Workers to Person-Centred Planning Champions, we have positions available in every facet of what we do. 

But what is a Person-Centred Planning Champion, and how do you know it is the right position for you? We’ve put together some information on the Person-Centred Planning Champion position we currently have available, and how you can know whether it is the right job for you.

Person-Centred Care At Bright Futures

Like many other care providers, at Bright Futures we put person-centred care above all else. Person-centred care is, simply put, an approach to care that champions the individual and their goals and achievements. 

When caring for anyone, it is vital to recognise their individual challenges and successes. It is only through doing this that we can create an environment that allows our residents to truly thrive. After all, steps in the right direction look different for everyone. 

As part of this person-centred approach, we make sure each of the residents and students within our service is assessed for their needs, goals, and aspirations when they join us. 

This assessment, which is then shared with our support teams, helps to make sure everyone at Bright Futures knows just what to do to make sure the person that they are caring for is able to achieve their full potential.

Person-Centred Planning Champions

In order to make our person-centred care a reality, we are looking for an amazing new person-centred planning champion. These champions are a vital part of making sure our support teams are all working in the right direction. 

First and foremost, our person-centred planning champions should always be working to make sure they are helping our care teams to advance their knowledge. By doing this, and providing support in reviewing and developing a person-centred practice, we can all help to make sure our residents are receiving the best possible care. 

As well as this, our new Person-Centred Planning Champion will take charge of our new STRIVE programme. The STRIVE programme has been developed to curate social, therapeutic, relationships, independence, and vocational empowerment for our residents. 

It is yet another aspect of our ever-evolving ethos to help make sure that the people we care for leave Bright Futures with the ability and the confidence to thrive in their next stage of life. By empowering individuals to understand and develop their skills in these 6 core areas, we hope to make sure they’ll have all of the tools at their disposal for achieving success in their own unique way.

Apply Today

Do you think you have what it takes to become our next Person-Centred Planning Champion? If you do, we would love to hear from you! To apply, head on to our application form today. 

And remember, our friendly team are always on hand to help if you have any questions about this exciting position or the best way to apply for the role.


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