Why Should You Join The Bright Futures Team?

Bright Futures Team

Here at Bright Futures, you don’t need to have any qualifications; all we ask is for you to be kind, trustworthy and someone who wants to help. Care work is sometimes frowned upon, but it is nowhere near what you think it is. So, we’ve put together some amazing things about being a part of the Bright Futures team!

There are so many reasons to start working in care, it can be difficult to think of just one. So, we asked Phil, our Site Manager, what he thought:

‘It’s not what you think it is, you just help people throughout the day. 

He then continued on by explaining what activities he would do with the residents: ‘A lot of the time you get paid for doing things you would actually pay to do yourself’. 

In fact, some of the activities that our residents attend every year include Center Parcs in the summer or day trips to the cinema. 

Phil’s job, just like many that work for Bright Futures Care, is to support our young people to do the activities they love. Yes, school is one aspect of our work, but play is also another. 

Everybody knows that some students respond better to play than in strict environments. And it turns out that some grown-ups do too!

What Qualities Do You Gain From Joining The Bright Futures Team?

When you are with us at Bright Futures Care, you’ll gain qualities that will stay with you for life. These can include becoming a qualified first aider, gaining communication skills within the talks that are held with the team and gaining skills in personal development which can help you to continually improve in anything you aspire to do in the future. 

But most importantly, the qualities you’ll gain from becoming a care worker with us is the joy of watching a once struggling student succeed or the pride of finally enjoying a breakthrough with a young person that has found it challenging to communicate. 

It’ll be your job to teach our young people all they need to know to succeed in life, whatever that success might be. And your reward for this will be the ability to know that you made a difference.

Our Promise To You

One of the most important things for us at Bright Futures is to ensure that not only the children under our care, but our staff too, live a fulfilling, supported, and successful life. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide the utmost support to every staff member in our care. After all, we wouldn’t be where we are today without them!

From advanced, expert training, to a healthy, supportive team-working environment, everyone pitches in to help when it comes to care. You’ll be working with specialists, experts, and care staff from all walks of life – providing you with a community that you can count on.

“Without our staff, we wouldn’t be able to offer the high-quality service that we at Bright Futures pride ourselves upon. As such, this is our promise to you, our staff, to ensure you enjoy the benefits of a happy and healthy work environment.”

“We also provide market-leading training to ensure our workers are given the support, skills and trust needed to succeed. We invest in you, so you can progress in a career with real opportunities for growth. In joining us, you will receive competitive benefits that include salaried pay, stable rotas, meals and drinks – all whilst working in a friendly, open and inclusive culture.”

Interested in taking the first steps to join our incredible team? Visit our website to apply today!


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