What Is A Support Worker Apprenticeship?

teaching at a specialist school

Are you thinking about a career in supporting and caring for young people and adults with learning disabilities? Then perhaps a Support Worker Apprenticeship with Bright Futures is perfect for you. Here at bright futures, we truly believe in building, not just a job, but a career with encouragement and support in helping you to succeed, and become a part of our incredible team. 

Our apprenticeships are programs that are offered to students from 18-25. In accordance with the UK government website, they combine working with studying to gain skills and knowledge in a specific job (GOV.UK). As an apprentice, you will be an employee, working alongside other support workers who will be there to help and support you in your learning. 

What Does An Support Worker Apprenticeship Involve?

Our Apprenticeship programmes involve supporting children and young adults in residential settings, providing a home and the care they need to support them in their lives. We believe we can inspire every child and adult to succeed in their lives, and this is where you would come in. You will be working with experienced staff to learn specific skills aiding you to fulfil your job requirements and learn everything you need to know. You will also get time for training or study during your working week (GOV.UK).

Have you always been someone caring and passionate person? Maybe you are someone who can make a real difference in people’s lives, inspiring and sharing your positivity. A Support Worker Apprenticeship is a perfect opportunity for you to achieve this. 

Why You Should Become A Member Of Our Team

If you are someone who is keen to learn, and you are passionate about caring for others, then this is exactly what would define our team. We take pride in the work we do, taking the most care in ensuring that every member of our team is well matched to each of our residential settings, these include schools and residential homes. 

We believe it is important to our local and wider community, to be good citizens by helping others. If you are someone who believes in succeeding and working as a part of our incredible team, then this is the place for you. You can find out more about our wonderful group of staff here.

Why Should You Work In Care? 

Working in care is very rewarding in so many ways. You will be working with an amazing team, getting to know new people and learning new skills and knowledge. Along with this, you will build great relationships with the people you work with and get to take part in numerous fun activities with the rest of your team. Working in care gets you involved with the local community, making you feel more connected and build closer relationships with new faces. 

Whether it’s cooking someone’s favourite meal, or just having a cup of tea and a chat with someone, this is all a part of working in care and making a huge difference in people’s everyday lives. 


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